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Breaking News: Medical Society action to transfer APRNs to Board of Medicine for regulation

Posted about 2 years ago by ANPA Admin

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We have just been informed that the Medical Society's bill, HB 1254, to move APRN regulation from the AR State Board of Nursing to the AR Board of Medicine is on the schedule of the Public Health Welfare and Labor Committee TODAY, January 24th. This will completely change our practice as NPs would have similar supervision by physicians as PAs have now. We can't let this happen!

This is an outrageous action by the Medical Society.  It is a bill that has been proposed in numerous states where full practice authority bills have been filed.  Other states have defeated it and Arkansas can defeat it too.  We just need your help ASAP.  Today is not too early.  If you will email or call the members of the PHWL committee
TODAY or at the very latest this week (assuming we can stall the vote today), and ask the committee members to oppose this bill, we can make this an extremely controversial bill and will have a good chance at defeating it.  Leave a message on their phones to oppose HB 1254. Use the attached "Talking Points" for your calls and emails.

The Legislative and Policy Committee has attached a copy of HB 1254, Talking points for you to contact the PHWL committee members and your own representatives, and the contact list for the PHWL committee. 

Download this wonderful app now called LobbyUP that can be found at the App Store. You can find your legislators there.

ANPA is committed to keeping the news up-to-date. More information will continue to follow this.