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Urgent Bill Actions - Contact the PHWL Committee Today

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"Scope Bill Week" starts Monday 2/13/17


Our time is very short…we only have a few days until the scope of practice bills will be heard in Public Health Welfare and Labor Committee…these bills include legislation that will impact the practice of nursing and many have the potential to improve access to care in Arkansas. The bills will be heard the week of Feb. 13th, so join our grassroots effort and Take Action today! 

Here's all you need to do...

Please take a moment and go to to learn about the issues, read and/or download the actual bills, and utilize the Take Action tab to send prewritten and editable letters to your legislators directly from the website. 

When communicating with your legislator, please ask them to support or oppose the bills according to this VOTE YES/NO chart and let us know their response using a short survey at



HB 1180

Signature Authority for APRNs

HB 1181

Transition to Prescriptive Authority

HB 1182

APRNs Recognized as PCPs in Medicaid System

HB 1186

Removes the Mandatory Collaborative Practice Agreement

HB 1228

Amends APRN Prescriptive Authority to Include Schedule II-IV drugs

SB 171

Removes Supervision Requirement of CRNAs by Physicians



HB 1254

Moves APRN Regulation from ASBN to Arkansas Medical Board

HB 1205

Creates an “anesthesiologist assistant” – new licensure role able to perform all anesthesia duties as delegated and supervised by anesthesiologists.  Training program as approved only by Ark State Medical Board, no language in bill on education requirements to apply for certificate program.


Together, nurses can have a strong voice in our state legislature!

See the Attached PHWL Committee member list.


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