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Scope Week Arrives

Posted about 2 years ago by ANPA Admin

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Scope Week Arrives - Time Sensitive Updates

We are finally here! February 13th-17th

As you probably know, what is being termed "Scope Week", has arrived.  The House PHWL Committee meets on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please see the attached schedule for tomorrow, February 14th.   Request a “FOR” vote for HB’s (1180, 1181, 1182, 1186, 1228). Ask for an “Against” vote on the Medical Society's bill HB 1254 (placing APRNs under the BOM) and HB 1525 (making APRN practice regulated by both the SBON and the BOM).

What can you do today?  Here are suggestions:

  • During the morning, call the Legislative House switchboard the 14th (501 682-6211) and ask them to send a message to the House PHWL committee members.  You'll need to know which person to send it to.  See the attached PHWL committee list. Let's send dozens of "pink slips" to the committee members.
  • If you haven't sent an email or called the House PHWL committee about EACH of our bills, do so today!  You can send a pre-written email starting at Here you will find the HB 1180 in a black box but look in the left bottom corner and see our other APRN bills.  
  • If you can BE at the Capitol PHWL Committee at 9 am tomorrow with a lab coat on, plan on it and come support our sponsors of our bills.  Some bills may not be heard until Thursday depending upon how quickly testimony goes on Tuesday the 14th.
  • Whatever passes through committee goes to the floor of the House. That is why you need to contact your legislators who are not on the committee too. We anticipate a good day on Tuesday.
  • If you plan to be at the Capital on Wednesday, be in the basement at 8:30 to meet Pipere Brettell and to get your plan for the day.  Thursday be at the PHWL committee at 9 am.
  • Soon, we will instruct you on how to do the same as above for the Senate.
  • Plan to come to the House Floor when the bills are heard there!

Please watch your email and visit

Heads Up: New bill from Medical Society is filed: HB 1525 would create a mandatory joint regulation between the Board of Nursing and the Board of Medicine.  Joint regulation is done in only 5 states currently and SD just sent a full practice authority bill to the Governor today, removing the joint regulation in SD. (See attached bill)