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Update and Status of "Scope Bills"

Posted about 2 years ago by ANPA Admin

HB 1181 which provided a transition to practice had excellent testimony from Cassie Gonzales and was exceptionally well presented by the sponor Representative Dan Sullivan.  There was excellent questioning from the Committee, other's testifying on our behalf, and there was a great deal of rebuttal from the Medical Society.  The room was so packed that people had to stand out in the halls due to worries about a fire hazard. ANPA wishes to thank Representative Dan Sullivan for sponsoring this bill. The switchboard blew up from calls from you, our wonderful colleagues.

HB 1182, which offered PCP status for Medicaid was extremely controversial and data were conflicting from DHS and the Health Resources and Services Administration data. Witnesses testified on how patients have delayed treatment because of the full panels that prevent timely visits to physicians, delaying treatment before an NP can see a Medicaid patient because we cannot be PCPs within Medicaid. The Medical Society witnesses presented information that there was no PCP deficit in AR. This bill failed to pass. 10 to 9.  ANPA wishes to thank Representative Dan Sullivan for sponsoring this bill.

HB 1228 would have permitted NPs to prescribe schedule II drugs.  The Medical Society testified that our data was erroneus.  Despite excellent testimony from Representative Hammer and testimony from Linda McIntosh, the bill was defeated with a 10 to 8 vote. ANPA wishes to thank Representative Kim Hammer for sponsoring this bill.

HB 1186 for removal of the collaborative agreement was tabled for today.  This bill is yet to be heard.  We appreciate our wonderful Representative Karilyn Brown for sponsoring this bill.

HB 1180 was passed on Tuesday which will allow NPs to sign several documents that we have been unable to sign in the past.  Thank you Representative Mary Bently for sponsoring this bill.

Thank you to the Arkansas Nursing Policy Roundtable, the Nurses for Arkansas, and all of the participating associations.  Thanks to ARNA who supports the lobbyists Pipere Brettell (our heroine) and Graham Cattlett.  

Your friends,

The Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association.