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Medical Board Regulation - What to do today

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Legislative Actions for Monday, February 20, 2017

We need to act TODAY! HB 1254 (moves APRN regulation to the Arkansas Medical Board) and HB 1525 (joint regulation between ARSBN and the Medical Board) may be heard this week! We must educate our legislators right away about this unnecessary legislation.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses have been regulated by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing since 1971. There are ZERO states in America where APRNs are solely regulated by the Board of Medicine and soon there will only be four states with joint regulation (pending legislation recently passed by South Dakota). Physicians do not have the specific expertise to assess nursing education and training programs or to assess the required competencies expected by the State Board of Nursing and the certification bodies for APRNs licensure and certification.

Please ask your legislators to oppose HB 1254 AND 1525 and to support the Arkansas State Board of Nursing as the regulatory body for the discipline of nursing.


  • Use this link to easily send a prewritten, editable message to your Representative HERE
  • Feel free to copy the prewritten letter and personalize it for use when writing to other Representatives, especially those on the House PHWL Committee. You will find contact information for all legislators HERE
  • For your convenience, we have attached the list of House Public Health Welfare and Labor Committee members and the talking points for HB 1254...these points also are applicable to HB 1525.


HB 1181, HB 1182, and HB 1228 are expected to be heard again in the House PHWL Committee. These bills are NOT dead, so we need to keep communicating about the need to support these bills. And HB 1186 hasn't been heard yet in Committee, but may be heard as early as this week. We must keep up the positive communication with our legislators!

When discussing the removal of the collaborative practice agreement, it is important to stress that this legislation does not decrease collaboration between health care providers. HB 1181 (transition to prescriptive authority) and HB 1186 (removal of the mandatory collaborative practice agreement) are about APRNs having the ability to work with an independent license, not an independent practice. NO HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES INDEPENDENTLY...Professional collaboration does not have to be legislated, it is expected among health care professionals.

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