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LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Friday, February 24, 2017

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Yesterday was Nurses' Day at the Capitol as many of you know. Nurses FLOODED the Public Health Welfare and Labor Committee in room 130. Additionally, the room was very full for House Education Committee, as school nurse bills were being heard there. None of the APRN bills were heard yesterday.

We need to continue to reach out to HOUSE PUBLIC HEALTH WELFARE AND LABOR. There is a chance that our bills can be reheard. Several attended a Legislative breakfast yesterday. Legislators told us that they really don't understand that APRNs ALREADY do the work--just don't get credit for it. They need to understand that the current practice barriers, if removed would make it possible for APRNs to serve so many more Arkansans, especially those patients who are having LONG WAIT TIMES to see a PCP, especially if they have Medicare or Medicaid!

To end this on a very positive note. Yesterday HB 1180 (Signature Authority) passed the Senate Public Health Welfare and Labor Committee and is on its way to the full Senate. Other good news is: yesterday SOUTH DAKOTA became the 22nd state to gain full practice authority for APRNs!

APRNS are the best solution to improving access to health care in Arkansas. We can make this happen, but we have to keep working on it. Stay strong and reach out to House Public Health members this weekend. Please thank our supporters, and encourage the others to do what is right for Arkansas.

We will work hard to keep you updated during the legislative session. Remember to check for more news and updates, too!

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