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Full Practice Authority Bill, HB 1186, Heard Today

Posted almost 2 years ago by ANPA Admin

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HB 1186 Narrowly Defeated in PHWL Committee Today

HB 1186 was heard today in the Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committee.  Dr. Sharon Stevenson followed our sponsor Representative Karilyn Brown, presenting testimony. The opposition presented testimony that the difference in education and training between physicians and nurse practitioners was reason to defeat this bill. Dr.Teresa Whited, Karen Reynolds, and Dr. Sara Jones provided excellent testimony on behalf of HB 1186. Nurse Practitioner Karen Richardson presented against this bill, testifying that she supports formal collaboration and was against removal of the collaborative practice agreement. There were medical students who testified against our bill as we expected. Two representatives were not present when the vote was taken and we lost 8-10 when the vote was called. The bill did NOT pass today.

Commentary:  We accomplished a lot with this bill.  We educated our colleagues, patients, legislators, and the health care community.  We came CLOSE! We have new allies in the Legislature and we will not give up! There are two additional bills that will be re-heard; PCP within Medicaid and Schedule II. Continued support is needed for this.

Thank you to all of our advocates!

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The Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association

in Collaboration with the Arkansas Nursing Policy Roundtable and Nurses for Arkansas