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HB 1160 - CNP Medically Underserved Permit Program under review by the ANPA Board

Posted about 4 years ago by Katherine Darling

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There are several bills that are currently in the House Public Health, Welfare, and Labor (PHWL) Committee which have the potential to affect Nurse Practitioners in the State of Arkansas. The ANPA Interim Board wishes to inform the NP community of changes in both the content and status of HB 1160 and HB 1165. HB 1160 will return to the PHWL committee tomorrow, 3/5/15 for a vote. Here are the details of the revised bill:
• HB 1160 (the Certified Nurse Practitioner Medically Underserved Permit Program) bill originally proposed that 2,000 hours and 2 years of continuous hours of practice under a collaborative practice agreement would be required before an NP can submit an application for a '"permit"
• The revised bill would require 3,000 hours and 3 years - HB 1160 bill, the practice requirement has increased those hours under a continuous collaborative from 2,000 hours and 2 years to 3,000 hours and 3 years
• The American Association of Nurse Practitioner's model language for full practice authority does not recommend a "transition" to practice (hours required before full practice authority)
• The medically underserved areas are now defined as 39 counties in AR
• The "permit" will be available solely to NPs who practice within these 39 counties and who qualify for the CNP Medically Underserved Permit Program
• Under the "permit program", full Schedule II prescribing will apply to solely to NPs who practice with the "permit" and within these 39 counties

HB 1165 Status
• Last week, the PHWL committee challenged HB 1165, (full schedule II bill), with a parliamentary violation. The committee challenged whether 2 bills can be filed under 1 "interim study" report.
• ARNA, on November 26, 2014, presented a very thorough single interim study report that specifically addressed 5 areas of NP barriers to practice.
• HB 1160 was filed first and was first to come before the House PHWL committee
• HB 1165 (the full Schedule II bill) will now require 14 votes from the committee to pass out of committee, and to over-rule the parliamentary determination by rules and regulation committee