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Action Needed - Schedule II goes to AR House

Posted about 4 years ago by Katherine Darling

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HB 1160, when passed, will authorize APRNs to write for Full Schedule II Drugs. It's going before the House, perhaps as soon as this Thursday, March 26, 2015! To assure that HB1160 is passed from the House to the Senate, it is important that every Nurse Practitioner, friend, patient, family member, and advocate for patients and NPs contact their State Representatives today and tomorrow.

An overwhelming show of support is critical to the success of this bill passing. Ask your Representative to vote YES to HB 1160

Here is an active link to the list of the Arkansas House of Representatives. Find yours here and send a quick email. You will find a template attached, but try to make it personal.  

1160 Click Here

There are a LOT of letters and emails being received by our legislators from people oppose NPs writing prescriptions for Schedule II Drugs. But the evidence is very strong that NPs prescribe safely. Here are some key points:

  • 20-year history of APRNs prescribing hydrocodone-combination medications
  • In 43 States NPs are authorized to write for full schedule II drugs
  • Comprehensive care: APRNs work in every setting with patients who are living with cancer, acute illness, life threatening disorders, and chronic intractable pain
  • Safety of Care: APRNs need to be able to directly write and document the prescriptions for patients they are managing, NOT someone else
  • Cost of Care: Patient may have to wait for an appointment with another prescriber, potentially duplicating payment and charges. Delays in treatment increase the burden of illness and increase associated costs
  • Timely Care: Prescribing schedule II drugs will provide prompt care for acute pain: Patient deserves prompt treatment for acute and intractable chronic pain, such as in hospice care and in acute care settings
  • Accessible Care: APRNs have limited access under current laws for prescribing Schedule II medications when needed in medically underserved areas in Arkansas
  • Total Care: ADHD/ADD prescribing: APRNs are educated to assess and treat ADHD/ADD

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The Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association Interim Board