Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association

Urgent Care special on KATV tonight

Posted almost 4 years ago by Katherine Darling

The Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association has been pleased to see the efforts that were made by Arkansas Nurse Practitioners this weekend, in regards to Erin Hawleys' urgent care piece which is scheduled to air on Little Rock KATV tonight.

Katherine Darling has spoken to the programing director, who acknowledged receiving numerous emails and communications all weekend from nurse practitioners. He wishes to assure us that the news article is not biased against nurse practitioners and requests that we view the program before judging it. He has also agreed to review the many studies the association will be providing to him in regards to the excellent history of safe care provided by Nurse Practitioners every day. This open line of communication may be a great opportunity for NPs to tell our story. Let's work on keeping this line of communication open by holding our emails and calls until the story airs tonight. Thanks again for all your help. Together we can and are making a difference in Arkansas.