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Announcing the new ANPA Board

Posted about 3 years ago by ANPA Admin

ANPA Nominations and Elections Committee are pleased to present the new Board of Directors to the membership of ANPA. We congratulate each of these officers who have been elected to serve you, the membership. Thank you to all who voted in this election and thanks to the candidates who made themselves available to serve the membership of ANPA.

Below are the results of the Elections for each office of the Board and the lengths of their term:

New President 2015-2016
Katherine Darling

President Elect 2015-2016
Angela Simmons

Secretary 2015-2017
Yolanda Bone

Treasurer 2015-2017
Karen Reynolds

Members-at-Large from Interim Board


Two Year Term 2015-2017: Carolin Hockersmith
Three Year Term 2015-2018: Alisa Lancaster

Members-at-Large from the Membership
Two Year Terms 2015-2017:
LaVertta Miller
Ronette Wise

Three Year Term 2015-2018
Terri Moore

Student Representative 2015-2017
Michelle Boone

District 6 Representative 2015-2018
Derainey Smith