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NP Proclamations across Arkansas Photo Gallery

Posted 4 months ago in NP Week

We appreciate our Board of Directors and Members who scheduled and/or attended NP Proclamation signings across the state.  We collected the photos and have them available in our NP Week Gallery.  Thank you for all you do for our profession across the state!  Don't miss our final #NPWeek Social Media challenge tomorrow.

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Jerramy Icenhower about 21 hours ago

Such wonderful photos and all should appreciate our leadership in the Arkansas Nurse Practitioners Association! Thank you all for your continued efforts bringing APN's forward in medicine and laws that reflect our skills!

Carrie Stolz about 17 hours ago

Great job to all getting support from local leadership. We all need to double our efforts next year!

Rhonda Finnie about 1 hour ago

What great photos! Many of us could not be there, but getting our local officials to make a declaration is a great idea to bolster local awareness and support. Great job!

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