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2023 ANPA Outstanding Nurse Practitioner

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Congratulations to 2023 ANPA Outstanding Nurse Practitioner Awardee, Stacie Hipp

Her nomination stated: Stacie has always been a strong advocate for the NP profession and ANPA. She is Governor-appointed to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing giving NPs representation in our governing body.  Stacie advocated for NPs at the Arkansas State during her NP education. Stacie has served as the ANPA Conference Committee Vendor Chair for the past 5 years. This is not a light feat. Additionally, Stacie serves as a Sexual Assault expert in her home community providing expert care and advocacy for her patients. Stacie was a preceptor for NP students prior to changing job and I am sure she will resume once acclimated to her new job. Stacie does all of this for our profession while working full time and raising her family. She never complains and gives tirelessly of her time, even during her daughter’s senior year and when her daughter competed for Miss Teen Arkansas.  Stacie deserves recognition for her hard work and commitment to the NP Profession, ANPA, and her patients.

Stacie will receive a certificate at the ANPA 2023 Annual Conference in April, one-year membership to ANPA, and free conference attendance in 2023 or 2024.

Congratulations to the other ANPA Outstanding Nurse Practitioner nominees: Rebecca (Becca) Ward, Tammie Smith, and Debbie Miles.

Thank you all for your service to your profession.


Rhonda Finnie about 2 hours ago

Congratulations to all of the nominees and to Stacie! You make us all proud to be your colleagues.

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