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66 Percent Of Doctors Recommend Careers As Nurse Practitioners Instead

Posted about 4 years ago by Katherine Darling

Recent finding from a survey of 500 NPs and Primary Care Physicians revealed an interesting finding that 66 percent of those responding would recommend a graduating high school senior become a Nurse Practitioner and 88 percent of NPs made the same recommendation.  Job satisfaction was higher in the NP group than this physician group in the study.  

"Despite high wages, there has been a shortage of primary care physicians in America and the Affordable Care Act, coupled with an increased 'teach to the protocol' environment in medical school, is going to make the shortage worse."

"Spending taxpayer money convincing people to become doctors is not going to work when even doctors don't recommend being doctors. Over 80 percent of both groups agreed that there is a national shortage of primary care physicians but 66 percent of primary care physicians recommended careers as primary care nurse practitioners. Among nurse practitioners, 88 percent would recommend that students pursue being a nurse practitioner.

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