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Posted about 4 years ago by Katherine Darling

URGENT NEED:  HB 1165 NEEDS YOUR ACTION TODAY:  You may find the contact information for all legislators and the specific representatives below. Just send a quick email today.

Best, Katherine Darling!

Critical Update from ArNA:

"We are hearing that HB 1136, which would authorize hydrocodone only combinations, could be heard in House Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committee as early as tomorrow, Feb. 12. This bill does not provide authority to prescribe the full Schedule II. As you know, we have APRNS who need to be able to prescribe for patients with ADHD and patients with severe, debilitating pain.

The inability of APRNs to prescribe Schedule II medications is harmful in the following ways:
It creates needless delays in care and adds to the cost of care.
It also compromises patient safety because the most appropriate prescriber is the clinician who knows and has assessed the patient.
The time has come to modernize Arkansas law to meet the care needs of patients:
APRNs have had prescriptive authority in Arkansas for 20 years with an excellent safety record.
Arkansas is one of only SEVEN states without authority to prescribe Schedule II medications.
Oklahoma and Missouri have introduced bills this session already.
TAKE HOME MESSAGE: HB 1165 is the bill which should be passed because it fully and safely addresses the problem.

Ask the members to please support HB 1165 and not HB 1136.

We need some specific help from you TODAY, if at all possible. Please reach out to the members of House PHWL, especially if you know them or have already reached out. Even if you haven't been able to do this yet, please help us. This is a crucial time. See attached list. Do not contact Rep. Magie or Rep. Ferguson. They are working for passage of HB 1136. Rep. Kim Hammer is our bill sponsor, so it isn't necessary to contact him at this time.

We especially need to contact the following House PHWL members; please let Pipere know if you get a response and what they said.
You can email her at

Ken Bragg - Sheridan
Ken Henderson - Russellville
John Payton - Wilburn (this is east of Heber Springs)
Robin Lundstrum -Springdale (if you are in NWA, please contact her)
Mary Bentley - Russellville/Perryville


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