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ANPA Formally Opposes HB 1136 and Endorses HB 1165

Posted about 4 years ago by Katherine Darling

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The Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association cordially informs our members, followers, and the public, that our Board of Directors has unanimously agreed that ANPA officially opposes HB1136. Our analysis has led the Board of Directors of ANPA to instead support HB1165. Our endorsement of HB1165 is based on the necessity to update outdated laws regarding the prescription of Schedule II drugs, in order to more fully provide the care that the residents of Arkansas require. The bill, HB1136 will not serve the patients who may be suffering and their caregivers and families who must watch or share their suffering.

• ANPA Supports the Gonzales bill HB1165
• ANPA Opposes the Magie bill HB1136

See the formal letter to Representative Stephen Magie, Public Health and Welfare Committee member and sponsor of HB1136. We have sent a copy of this letter to the AR State Board of Nursing, Arkansas Nurses Association, Arkansas Medical Society, each member of the PHW Committee and the AR Hospital Association.

Thank you to All Nurse Practitioners and APRNs who serve Arkansas and promote evidence based healthcareto All Nurse Practitioners and APRNs who serve Arkansas and promote evidence based healthcare.

The ANPA Interim Board of Directors


Janis Bishop about 4 years ago

Most impressive, well said, well documented, concise and what all need to know


Katherine Darling about 4 years ago

Thank you Janis. We are sad to say that the very next day, the bill that ANPA did not support (HB1136) passed in the House with a very strong vote. We aren't sure if there was confusion with HB1165, because we know there was some strong support for the entire Schedule II bill that we support (HB115). It was very confusing to have 2 bills for Schedule II. Unfortunately, the one HB1136 came up for a vote first.

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