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Important Update: Schedule II bill changes - now HB 1160

Posted about 4 years ago by Katherine Darling

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An important change has just been made to HB 1160.  It was originally the bill that would have established the Medically Underserved Permit Program for full practice authority in 39 counties.  NOW, this bill includes all Schedule II drugs for ALL NPs only.  This bill would provide for regulation by the AR State Board of Nursing.  It will be heard 3/19/15 in the House Public Health and Welfare Committee.  Please contact members to pass this bill in its current state out of the House Committee.  Ask committee members to support full schedule II authority that will come from passing this HB 1160.

We need for you to reach out immediately to members of House Public Health Committee and ask for their yes vote on HB 1160. We especially need to reach out to Rep. Robin Lundstrum and Rep. Charlene Fite.

Please join the efforts of the Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association and the Arkansas Nurses Association in this endeavor to advance NP practice and to provide better access to care for our patients in AR.

Best Regards, 

The Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association Interim Board


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